Important NoticeIt has come to our attention that criminals have used our brand, company name and the profiles of our professional team to create fake websites using similar web domains to  Aprada does NOT operate in Russia, does NOT offer stock trading services or investment services, does NOT provide investment advice or trust management.


Who we are

Aprada provides management consultancy service.   We provide strategic, operational and organisational advise.

Our clients are diverse and range from small start-ups to large corporations.  We work across industries and have experience in Oil & Gas, Mobile, Insurance, eCommerce, Venture Capital and Private Equity.

Aprada was founded in 2011 by senior advisors that have worked for many years at top tier Consultancy and Investment Banking Firms.  Through our services we share the knowledge and expertise acquired while working at these top institutions. Our processes and approaches are based on proven formulas that have been adapted to make them more flexible and accessible to our clients.


How we work

Aprada’s offers flexibility, experience and hands-on advisory. We work with organisation and investors to make things happen. We pride ourselves on the quality and integrity of our work. Our proposition is based on:

  • Experience. Aprada advisors have significant industry knowledge, many years of experience and management consultancy and investment banking background. We also have access to a network of experts that can provide in-depth perspectives on specific industries, functional topics and products.
  • Hands-on. Our partners will spend significant time and effort executing projects and problem solving with our clients.
  • Practical solutions. Recommendations are useless if are not implementable. Our model is based on working with our clients to deliver practical and implementable recommendations.
  • Integrity. We live out of our reputation. We will maintain objectivity, provide our point of view and be clear when something is outside our domain of expertise.
  • Flexibility. We don’t have a pre-determined or standard model to execute our projects or mandates. We work with our clients to determine the best in terms of team configuration, timing, approach and working model with other parties.